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From Monday 4 January 2021 our Principal Office will be open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. Key Temporary Criteria

  • Maximum LTV is 90%
  • We are now accepting new build applications up to max 80% LTV (60% for flats)
  • We have temporarily withdrawn all shared ownership products
  • We will consider furloughed applicants by referral only. Please contact us to discuss with full details of the circumstances before submitting an application
  • We are conducting desktop valuations on all applications up to 70% LTV that meet our AVM criteria. These can then progress to offer as normal. Applications above 70% LTV and those that do not meet criteria, will be progressed as far as possible and subject to a physical valuation before a binding offer can be issued. We are now instructing physical valuations in England & Wales

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Regular commitments in respect of loans, credit cards, hire purchase agreements, mail order, maintenance etc. will be deducted from income as follows:

  • Loans, hire purchase, maintenance – Annual payments made
    (Loans with less than 12 months to run may be disregarded, provided the aggregate monthly payment does not exceed 10% of net monthly income)
  • Credit cards and mail order commitments – 60% of outstanding balance (5% of outstanding balance X 12)
    Where the aggregate total of credit card and mail order balances is less than £1,000 – these may be disregardedWhere credit card balances are repaid in full each month – The amount should be covered by expenditure items rather than be deducted from income
  • Child care costs – will be included in the affordability calculation
  • Negative capital – For self-employed applicants, any negative capital disclosed in the accounts or accountant’s reference will be treated as a commitment
  • On other encumbered properties any shortfall (i.e. where the rental income is less than 145% of the borrowing commitment) will be treated as a commitment

Payday loans shall be treated as follows –

  • If there has been a single instance of a payday loan in the last twelve months and it was less than 10% of monthly net salary, this can be disregarded if a satisfactory explanation is received
  • If a payday loan has been obtained in the last twelve months exceeding 10% of monthly net salary, the loan will be declined
  • If more than one payday loan, of any amount, has been obtained in any of the most recent three months, the loan will be declined

In all other cases the highest payday loan obtained in the last twelve months will be treated as a monthly commitment

Service Update

Due to unprecedented demand we are extremely busy at the moment and our service levels may be longer than normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.