Our current office opening times - Help us to help you

Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9 am – 3 pm and Saturday 9 am to 12pm.
Office telephones will be open Monday to Friday 9 am to 4.30pm.
Our telephone opening hours at Principal Office are 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 12 pm on Saturdays.
Please note visitors to our offices and Principal Office will be required to wear a face covering.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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Mortgage/ Tenancy



  • Full details and proof of payments will be required for all current and previous mortgages, including second charges, held in the last 12 months unless Experian Insight information is available
  • We will accept the latest mortgage statement, which must be supported by bank statements showing payments from the statement end date to the application date
  • For let to buy, where current mortgage will remain, rental income must cover the mortgage payments by minimum of 145%. In addition, confirmation will be required from current lender that they are in agreement with the tenancy and a copy of the tenancy agreement will be required


  • Full details will be required for all current and previous tenancies held in the last 12 months
  • Confirmation of rental payments will be verified by bank statements