Login and Registration

To log in, you will need to enter your username and password which you created when you completed the registration process.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to log in three times you will automatically be locked out. If this occurs please contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144.

If you forget your log in details please contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144.

Following completion of an introducer’s own personal registration online, introducers who have administrators working on their behalf should send an email to and include:

  • Full name of the administrator and the name of the firm they belong to.
  • Role required: Full admin (can process, edit and view applications on an introducer’s behalf) or read only (can view applications only on an introducer’s behalf).
  • Name of the introducer whom the administrator will be working on behalf of. (This may be more than one introducer therefore we will need details of all the introducers and they must also be registered before this access can be granted).
  • Your contact telephone number should we need to confirm any details with you.
  • Upon receipt of this email we will assess the registration and arrange for the access to be granted or contact you to discuss further.

The administrator will then need to register online in the same way as a broker and we will accept the registration internally with administrator rights.

Yes. We have introduced a new online system for MBS Lending which you can register to use via the MBS Lending website

Introducers wishing to use multiple clubs or networks should register against one initially and when you take an application through to full submission you can choose the club you are submitting the business through.

Yes, you will need to re-register with your new status using the online registration system.

Once you are logged in, under the My Details tab you will be able to change your password and memorable data.

If you wish to change your address or contact details, you will need to contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144.

Registration is quick and straightforward to complete and should only take approximately 5-10 minutes.

There are the five simple steps including:

  1. Read and accept our terms of business.
  2. Provide your own personal details including the FCA number for your firm.
  3. Confirm your address details and which club/network you are a member of.
  4. Set up your user name, password and security question for future login.
  5. We will then confirm that your application is complete.


We have been working hard to improve the service we provide to our intermediary partners, making it easier for you to manage and submit applications to us.

The online adviser registration, decision in principle (DIP), full application submission and tracking functions have been developed to save you time and make the process of submitting business easier and more streamlined.

Yes, completion of the online DIP/full application and document upload is now a mandatory part of our application process for all applications. We are no longer able to accept the previously used DIP or paper application forms.

In order to complete an online DIP/full application submission/document upload, you need to register using our online registration system.

Yes, the new systems will allow you to receive an instant decision in principle confirming whether your customer has been approved for a mortgage with us. This eliminates the need for you to send us paper forms which can take longer. If your customer(s) have obtained an accept decision you will be able to continue to full application submission online.

Using your login details you will also be able to manage existing DIPs/applications including:

    • View/edit/apply functions which are now available for DIPs/applications prior to submission.
    • View the decision of a DIP.
    • View and print a DIP certificate for your customer(s) who have obtained an accept decision.
    • Proceed to full application following an accept decision.
    • Upload all supporting documents using the document upload facility.
    • Print declaration and data keyed forms

No, your customer will be required to contact our Broker Support Team directly to complete a DIP.

DIP, Application Submission & Application Tracking

Yes, you can log in at any point and manage existing DIPs/Applications and print out the documents applicable to the status of your application.

No, you can still complete an affordability calculator when you are not logged in however the information you submit will not be saved.

You can complete an affordability calculator when logged in as part of the DIP process and revisit this at a later date to continue with the online DIP/full application submission.

The process should only take approximately 20/30 minutes and may be a little longer with more than one applicant. The DIP response will be automatically generated and provided within a couple of minutes.

Once you have submitted an application, you will have access to the application tracking facility where you will see when the following key stages have been completed:

  • Packaging
  • Processing
  • Valuation Instructed
  • Valuation Complete
  • Binding Offer
  • Completion

If the response is a decline you can discuss the application further with our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144. If the response is a refer, our broker support team will look at the reason for referral and advise if you are able to proceed.

If there is any change in circumstances you may use the clone function prior to submitting the full application.

If there is a change in circumstances once we have received your full application then please contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144

If you experience any problems when submitting an application via our online system please call our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144.

Document Upload

You can use our Document Upload service immediately after submitting your application online.

Once you have uploaded your documents, the status will show as Pending. It takes approximately 10 minutes for an application number to be assigned to your application following submission and until this has happened, your document status will not change.

When documents are first uploaded, the status will show as Pending. Once the screen has been refreshed (by clicking the Refresh button, or by returning to My Applications then back into the Document Upload screen for the specific application) and at least 10 minutes have passed since submitting the application, the status will be updated to confirm if the upload of each document has been received or failed.

Please check the status of your uploads by accessing the Document Upload screen for your customer’s application. Where documents have been uploaded successfully, you will receive regular email updates from us to keep you updated on the progress of your customer’s application. In the event that any of the uploaded documents are unsuccessful, we will inform you via email and you may be required to try to upload the document(s) again.

It takes 10 minutes from submitting the application online to integrate with our internal systems. Documents will show as Pending until an application has been created. If your application was submitted over 10 minutes ago and the documents are still showing as Pending, please use the refresh button. Any further problems please contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144.

Unfortunately this is something which is out of our control. If you wish to refresh your screen to view the current status of your uploaded documents, please click the Refresh button on the Document Upload screen.

This is likely to be a browser issue, please try using a different browser (IE9, IE10, IE11, or the latest version of Chrome or Firefox)

The error could be due to the browser being used to upload the documents, unsuitable file sizes, or unsuitable file types. In the first instance please check that the files you are trying to upload are suitable (refer to the information provided on the Document Upload screen).

As a last resort, you can send the documents by post to:

Broker Support
Melton Building Society
Principal Office, Mutual House
Leicester Road
Melton Mowbray
LE13 0DB

Please contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144. Our lines are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays), alternatively you can email us at

To assist us in processing your customer(s) application in the quickest possible time, we would prefer documents to be added individually and linked to specific document types from the dropdown list available. You can however add multiple documents at any one time as long as they don’t exceed the 15MB limit.

No. Documents can only be uploaded once an application has been submitted.

Documents can be uploaded and a history of previously uploaded documents will be available until 30 days following completion or cancellation of the mortgage application. Should you have any post completion queries please contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144.

We will always endeavour to process documentation as quickly as possible within our working hours. However, if we suddenly receive a higher than usual number of applications and/or documents, it may take slightly longer than usual. Throughout the processing stage, we will send you regular updates via email to keep you informed of the progress of your customer’s application.

Yes, as long as they have been set up as an administrator with full access rights and have their own login details they can upload documents on your behalf.

Our Document Upload service is the preferred method to send documents and information to us. It has been introduced to remove the need to email or post documents to us. If you require further assistance on how to use the service, please refer to the Document Upload User Guide available on the Document Upload screen in your application.

Our Document Upload service is available to you 24/7 to allow you to upload your documents at your leisure.

Broker Communications

You may have entered an incorrect email address at registration, or there may be another technical reason why this service has failed. Please contact our Broker Support Team on 01664 414144 who will be able to help.

Yes, where an application has been submitted by an administrator the intermediary and administrator will both receive email updates.

We will send you updates at key points through the application process. The updates will start from receipt of an application through to completion of the mortgage.

You will not see the email within your online logged in area, however the “Tracking” option will provide you with an update of what stage your application is currently at.

Product Transfers

We do not charge any fees for product transfers that are completed on a like for like basis. Where there is a variation to the mortgage contract, a mortgage contract amendment fee of £75 will be payable.

Yes, you will need to be registered with the Melton group before you can obtain any information regarding a customer’s mortgage and submit a product transfer application.

You can register for the Melton group online by clicking here.

You will need to send us a fully completed and signed Customer Declaration Form which you can find on our website in the literature and useful information section. Once we have received this, we will check your customer’s eligibility for a product transfer and respond by email with the information requested.

Our product transfer page shows our easy 4 step process to submitting a product transfer application, along with providing links to the relevant documents required.

The Melton group uses Nationwide’s House Price Index to obtain the indexed LTV. If your client wants to have their property revalued, an additional fee will be payable and they will need to contact us on 01664 414144 to arrange this. The product transfer will not be able to proceed until the valuation has been agreed.

We will write to you and your customer, confirming when the product transfer has been processed. This will confirm the effective date of the transfer.

No ERC’s will be applied for product transfers completed up to 3 months before the existing product end date.

Customers are eligible for a product transfer if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are within 3 months of their existing product end date or they are currently on our Standard Variable Rate
  • They are requesting a straight switch (pound for pound) with no variations to the mortgage contract (except for buy to let non-regulated mortgages) – this includes repayment type, loan amount, mortgage term and transfer of equity.
  • They have not been in arrears in the last 6 months

A procuration fee of 0.25% of the loan amount on completion of the product transfer will be paid to the introducing broker. The minimum amount payable is £150.

We will pay procuration fees within 10 working days of completion of the product transfer.

Product transfers happen on the 1st of the month. The deadline for returning documents is the 10th of each month for a product transfer to be actioned for the following month. For example, if the product transfer is planned for 1st May, we would require fully completed and signed documentation no later than 10th April.

All scheme transfer products will show on your sourcing systems. You will need to produce an ESIS from your sourcing system and provide this to your customer(s).

All documents should be sent to our product transfer mailbox –

Yes, if you are a member of a mortgage club, you can let us know the details when you complete our product transfer application form.

For product transfers completed on a straight switch basis, we will not re-assess affordability or run any credit checks. Where there is a variation to the mortgage included, this will need to be assessed by our lending team and new affordability and/or credit checks may be required. Please refer to our Product Transfer Hub for full details on how to apply for a product transfer with a variation to the mortgage contract.