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Submit your Product Transfer Application in 4 Easy Steps…

At Melton Building Society, we recognise the value and importance of the relationship we have with our intermediary partners. We offer a product transfer service for brokers, which includes the option to apply for a variation to the mortgage contract. We will pay a procuration fee for helping us to transfer our existing customers on to our loyalty products.

1. Confirm Client Details

You can email us to obtain details of your customer’s existing mortgage. We will need the customer(s) to provide consent for this information to be released. Please complete our Customer Declaration Form and email this to us at

2. Produce ESIS / Submit DIP

Product Transfer – Straight Switch

Once you have completed the advice process, you can view our current range of scheme transfer products in our Intermediary Product Guide and produce an ESIS for your customer from your mortgage sourcing system.

Products Transfer including Variation

If the product transfer request includes a variation to the mortgage contract such as a change to the term or repayment type, you will need to complete our Variation Decision in Principle Form and email this to us at

Important information to note:

We will complete a credit search for all applications where a variation is included. We will also need to complete an affordability assessment in the following circumstances:

  •  If the existing monthly repayment increases by the higher of 2% or £22
  •  Where the term extends into (or further into) the customers retirement
  •  If there is a change to the repayment type from interest only to capital repayment

If an affordability assessment is required, please use our affordability calculator to ensure your application meets our criteria.

3. Submit Product Transfer Application

After you have provided the customer(s) with a ESIS and received confirmation that the DIP has been accepted if a variation is included, you will need to complete our Product Transfer & Variation Application Form. Once completed and signed by your customer(s), please email this to:

Straight switch –

Variation included –

4. Product Transfer Complete

Once the product transfer is complete, we will send confirmation to both you and your customer.

If you have any questions, our FAQ’s might help, alternatively you can call our Broker Support team on 01664 414144 or email us at

Product Guide

Our current range of mortgage products available for download in PDF format.

Lending Criteria

Guidelines designed to give general guidance to mortgage brokers on the Melton’s lending criteria.

Literature & Useful Info

View our range of helpful guides and literature.


Search our FAQs for any questions you may have.