Self Employed


Applicants must have been trading for a minimum period of 24 months

For self-employed applicants and company directors owning 331/3% or more of the company, the following are required:-

  • LTV < 75% – most recent two years accounts or SA302 documents and respective Tax Year Overviews
  • LTV > 75% – most recent two years accounts and an accountants reference


  • Stable/increasing net profits: The average pre-tax net profit (or share of) from the latest 2 years accounts provided will be used to calculate income
  • Unstable net profits (i.e. where profit increases and decreases over the three year period, or where profits increase or decrease by 20% or more from one year to the next): a satisfactory explanation must be received from the accountant. Where a satisfactory explanation is received the average of the 2/3 years most recent accounts will be used
  • Declining net profits (more than 20% year on year) are not normally acceptable

The income of company directors will be based on the lower of either:

  • an average of salary and dividend payments in the last two years, or
  • the most recent year’s income

Where the applicants own 100% of the shares in a company then the residual net profit may also be taken into account


  • A statement from an accountant con rming the profits before tax for the last 2 years plus a projection is required in all cases where the loan to value exceeds 75%
  • Acceptable Accountants qualifications are ACA, ACCA, ACMA, CPFA, FCA, FCCA, and FCMA*. Other accountancy qualifications may be acceptable but would need to be referred for consideration
  • SA302 documents will only be accepted where the loan to value is less than 75% and income can be validated through bank statements

For professionals:
(Solicitors/Architects/Accountants/Dentists/Doctors/Surveyors/Pharmacists/Vets) a minimum of one years accounts are required as long as they have been working as part of an established partnership of at least two years standing. The maximum LTV will be restricted to 90%.


  • Sub-contractors must have been in that position for a minimum of 12 months and be able to prove income by reference to accounts prepared by a recognised accountant or by reference to HMRC documentation

*AFA or FFA will be acceptable where the LTV is under 50%