MoneyAge Mortgage Provider of the Year



The MoneyAge Mortgage Provider of the Year award is one of the most coveted of all the MoneyAge accolades, given how competitive a market it is and how crucial this form of lending is to consumers today. This year the trophy went to a lender which has shown a true dedication to meeting its customers’ needs through the provision of innovative, niche products with a focus on value, and one which is clearly passionate about its role in the mortgage space.

The Melton Building Society is a modern building society and a national provider of mortgages and savings. It is also proof that biggest isn’t necessarily best – as a small mutual it is able to take a truly personal approach to lending and prides itself on being well positioned to offer niche products, developing its offerings to suit its clients’ needs, whatever they may be.

The judges were quick to note that this dynamic lender is clearly in tune with the differing needs of society today and its diverse product range reflects that. For example, the Society offers buy to let mortgages for family and holiday lets; it has no upper age limit for its standard buy to let and holiday let mortgages; and it will consider first time buyers and first time landlords for buy to let mortgages.

The Society also offers interest only mortgages and short term lending, whilst for customers with unstraightforward credit history, it offers credit repair mortgages through its subsidiary business MBS Lending. All attributes which showcased how this lender is keen to move with the times and truly understands the varying needs of its existing and potential client base.

The judges were particularly impressed with the Melton’s offering in the self build and renovation arena, which has seen a spike in interest in recent years. The Society has clearly listened to the needs of its customers by offering a range of products in this sphere, including a Self Build Advance Mortgage which provides stage payments in advance of each build stage as well as an Eco Mortgage with a special discounted rate that recognises investment in energy efficient features.

The Melton is also truly committed to helping first time buyers which shines through in the range of flexible products it offers in this space – for example, it allows parents to be mortgage applicants to help with affordability and it offers 95% LTV products, including to purchase new build houses. The lender’s 3 year Discounted 95% mortgage has been a best buy for several months. The Society also offers shared ownership mortgages with just a 5% deposit to help people get on the property ladder.

And it doesn’t stop there. Key to this lender’s success is its commitment to investing in the future, and as a result it is constantly making improvements to branches and developing its core systems to support improved customer service and operating efficiency.

All in all, an exciting lender that sets the bar high for its competitors.

Well done to the Melton Building Society.